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Mouse – The Syndrome, and The Gear

October 18, 2020 Hardware, Health
Mouse – The Syndrome, and The Gear

On average, I spend 14 hours using the laptop(with external keyboard, and mouse) everyday. My usage is excessive because of the nature of my work, and the things I enjoy doing during my spare time.

The Syndrome

Among the many pains a programmer encounter, I currently have the mouse finger syndrome. This is a pain in the index finger as a result of repetitive left-clicking.

If feels like a needle is constantly poking my index fingertip and knuckle joint. It was painful, and I had to wrap my index finger with a bandage to avoid bending it and avoid the urge to use it for left clicking. I took pain killers the first day I had it so that I can sleep.

I don’t want to rely on pain killers so I researched what are the different solutions to this problem. One is to have finger and hand exercises, and the other solution is to invest on a really good mouse.

I exercise my fingers and hands 2 to 3 times a day now. So far, the exercises are making my hands feel better.

I’ve noticed that my mouse feels heavier after long hours of using it, and hurts my hands or arms. So that means I need a lighter mouse that’s durable, and has buttons that are lighter to press than the one that I have.

The New Gear

I went to my favorite gaming store, Datablitz, and purchased a new mouse. It is advised to use an ergonomic mouse. I agree but most of the good brands and models can only be purchased online and I don’t have time to wait. So I purchased the Logitech G Pro Hero Wired Gaming Mouse because it’s in the go-to store that I always visit and I’ve read good reviews about it. It’s smaller than my old mouse but still comfortable to use. Mind you, I have big hands that’s why the new gear feels smaller.

Logitech G Pro Hero vs Dragonwar G21 CASTER

I’ve used it now for hours of gaming and I must say, I don’t exert as much force as I did using my old mouse. It’s smooth to drag around on my mouse pad, and it’s customizable. More info here.

A lot of my friends recommend Logitech because it lasts longer than most computer mice, and it’s comfortable to use.

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