Ren Stanforth

Software Engineer

Ren Stanforth

Software Engineer

About Me

Hey there, I'm Ren!
I'm an enthusiastic software engineer and well-rounded IT professional with over 9 years of computing experience.

I graduated Computer Engineering major in Computer Networks at the University of San Carlos, and I am currently residing in the Philippines. I am taking the web development path for my professional career, and hardware as a hobby.

Through the experience that I gained from the IT industry, I’ve come to meet some of the most brilliant minds who have taught me so much and inspired me to be the best that I can be.

Skills Overview

Builds client websites using Bootstrap, VueJS, or React. 


Expert in back-end work using PHP native, or framework such as Yii2.

WordPress Development

Years of experience in WordPress theme and plugin development.

Server Deployment

Deployed websites in Digital Ocean, AWS, or Firebase.

Fun Facts
2, 850 Cups Of Coffee
Aspiring Gaming Video Creator

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