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I’m starting my podcast

August 28, 2021 Journal
I’m starting my podcast

Ever since the pandemic started I considered starting a podcast but doubt and fear took over me that’s why I could not start sooner.

I’ve thought lots of ideas for my podcast niche, and ended up not starting it because I was too overwhelmed. Therefore, a delayed podcast.

Months to a year after, I’ve decided to start a personal journal podcast about anything thinkable under 5 minutes!


Spending hours on deciding a name for a podcast is exhausting, and funny at the same time. However, that didn’t stop me listing some of the things that I want to share:

  • Weekends with Ren
  • Hear me out
  • Renful Insights
  • Ren Daily

As you might notice, a few ideas are cliché, totally not me, and cringe-y. I want something that’s easy to read, say, and remember.

Funny thing about catch phrases or titles, it comes from the moment that you’ve least expect it. I was about to end my work shift, and was responding to emails. Then it hit me. I always love the closing phrase “All the best”. That was my “A-ha” moment.


“All the best” means one wishes well to the person reading or hearing it. I’ve always love that, that’s why I use it most in my emails. It gives a good vibe at the end of an email or letter.

That’s why my podcast will be about my personal experiences or thoughts that might inspire people or something that they’ll learn from. Plus, it’s me wishing all of the listeners well at the end of every episode.

THE PODCAST, which is linked to Spotify, is where I release my podcast episodes scheduled every Monday, 10AM GMT+8.

Each episode will be anything under the sun, and is under 5 minutes long.

All The Best, Ren

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